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Squash court flooring

Without a doubt, a squash court needs to have a top-notch floor.

The squash floor should allow the player freedom of movement, optimal ball bounce, and injury prevention in fast-paced games. In comparison to all other possible floor options for squash courts, a solid beech floor has proven to be the greatest choice.



Soft Surfaces  provides and installs both WSF-approved and locally developed squash courts. World-class squash court back walls in two and four panel systems, hard plaster treatment for walls, squash court wooden floor, squash court lighting, squash court ceiling, and sound boards are among them.


Glass Rear Wall (WSF Approved and certified)

We offer a 2 or 4 panel rear glass wall that has 2 or 4 panels with fins and a door. We provide glass walls for singles and doubles squash, which include the glass walls, fittings, and embedded bolts for the glass fins.


We also offer three and four-sided glass walls.



Treatment of Hard Plaster (W S F Approved and certified)

This system is 12mm thick, fiber reinforced, cement based, and resin modified. It is built to withstand the force of the squash ball.


Floor made of wood (W S FApproved and certified)

We offer sports floors made of maple, rubber, beech, and teak. We recommend the maple floor because it is tournament-approved. It is one of the hardest woods and is ideal for squash court use. Our floors are constructed using wooden sleepers, plywood, and cushion rubber pads. They have a tongue and groove construction and are sealed with PU sealers.


We can also provide squash court lighting and sound boards in the form of false ceilings.

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Soft Surfaces now has a panel wall system available. The panel system is made up of high density board that is fixed to wooden / aluminum sections that are attached to the court's front walls. Dry silica sand is used to fill the space between the walls. The laminated surface is applied to the panel walls.


we also provides freestanding panel walls for squash courts.

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