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Sports Maple Solid Hardwood Flooring Made in Europe

Basketball Game

It Never Goes Out of Style

Some flooring styles are fads that come and go. However, wood flooring, particularly solid hardwood flooring, is not one of them. It's classic. So why not? It has a lot to offer court owners. Consider its longevity. With proper care, solid hardwood flooring can last a lifetime. So, even if other types of flooring come and go, you'll still be able to enjoy your real hardwood. And maintaining solid wood floors is simple; a little sweeping and dry mopping keeps them looking new. Then there's the question of resale value. Solid hardwood floors typically increase resale value because buyers prefer courts with hardwood floors. 

Youth Basketball Game
Fixed Sports flooring
Construction height 52, 67 and 79 mm
Batten system for even subfloors
Construction height from 62-209 mm
Batten system for even/uneven subfloors

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